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Meet Sarah Hubbard

Good & Partners FOUNDER

Good & Partners is a coming home for me, a combination of all the things I have loved about my career in one place, with a purpose-driven mission. 

Prior to founding Good & Partners, I served as the Marketing Director for Denver-based First Descents, a non-profit providing life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (18-39) impacted by cancer. While there, I directed all creative, marketing strategy and events with the end goal of engaging audiences into taking action.  

Before joining the non-profit sector, I spent 6 years with the amazing team at Backbone Media, the country’s leading active lifestyle agency.  I had the honor of driving media relations for Eddie Bauer, Revo Sunglasses, Klean Kanteen, among many others. I was able to create media experiences and product launches all over the country, craft social media strategy for global brands like REI, The North Face and Polartec, and even design a web platform for actor, Patrick Dempsey. 

The ”Good” is the heart of my business: working with companies that are making an impact in their community, whether that be a specific market like the outdoor industry or women’s issues, or even the global social + environmental community. As a solo consultant, I serve as the starting point for all of my clients, and their partner throughout our work together. Having one touchpoint allows for efficiency in time and budgets, and for small businesses, that is paramount. My wide breadth of services allows me to be nimble and serve a wide range of roles for my clients.

The “Partners” part of my business refers not only to my amazing family of clients, but also to the creatives, freelancers and strategists that I contract with. This business structure allows my clients to focus on their work and not have to worry about finding the right website developer, social media strategist or video producer for their project. I serve as the hub, and then bring in the right partners as needed to deliver the final products that will serve my clients in growing their impact.

I love my work and would love to chat with you about how we can work together.  Please reach out and say hi!