I am honored to work with companies of all sizes from nonprofits to multi-billion dollar organizations. For me, its really about the people and finding ways to help connect their story to the right audience in a way that inspires action. Here's what some of my recent clients have to say about our work together. 



"Sarah's guidance allowed us to discover the real value our non-profit was providing our community and our sponsors. In addition to that, she helped us clearly communicate that value in a way that allowed us to realize our goal of landing new national partners. While Sarah may have impressive marketing expertise and ability to create great results for her clients, the amount of heart and passion she brings to each project she works on is what sets her apart.”    

Erik Wardell, Creative Director 5Point Film Festival

“As soon as Sarah took the reigns as our marketing consultant we let out a huge exhale. The depth and breadth of her knowledge, her way of truly seeing and helping us refine what matters most to us as a business, her ability to create a roadmap of doable action steps and help us prioritize those, and her highly personalized and collaborative approach have transformed our business from the inside out.  We seriously have no idea how we ever did this without Sarah on our team. Collaborating with Sarah is the best investment we've made as a business.”        

Cara Maiolo + Amber Valenti, Founders of Luminary

“I hired Sarah to work with my team, Project X-ITE at the University of Denver. Sarah was amazing – my team absolutely loved her energy, ideas, enthusiasm, and process. We had several calls prior to her hands-on sessions, and she always came armed with tons of ideas but let the team really lead the conversation. She made sure that everyone had a voice and that all ideas were up for discussion. She provided amazing and thorough recaps of our working sessions which have been great resources for our team in the months since we worked together. The best part is that Sarah really gave us the permission to get out of our own way – we created new criteria for evaluating opportunities, and we even launched a brand new program that has been a great success. Working with Sarah was not only meaningful and useful but it was also incredibly fun!  

Nina Sharma, Director of Project X-ITE, University of Denver

“Sarah is a true consulting professional with years of experience leading design and strategic visioning for marketing, purpose and impact work. She is the kind of individual who infuses a sense of creative, energetic fun and collaboration into a space as soon as she walks in the room. She is thorough in her approach to getting to know her clients, their teams and all anyone who may have relevant input to drive the purpose conversation. Sarah is adept at working with a wide variety of personalities, seeing the individuals on a team and meeting their needs, as well as connecting on a one-on-one level with each person she works alongside. Her energy is genuine and infectious; she is the person you want in the room to champion a strategic vision."

Amanda Ludwig, Senior Program Manager, Bespoke Event Group