Small Business Crush: Farmgirl Flowers

A few weeks ago, I was headed home from downtown Boulder in -1 degree weather and my bus never showed up. So, I hoofed it a mile and a half to my house in the snow after a long day and when my frozen self walked through the door, I got a wonderful surprise. On the counter were the most gorgeous flowers I have ever received, and by far the largest. They took me so much by surprise, on a cold day that I got a bit teary. When I found out they were from one of my favorite creative partners, the powerhouse duo at Boyte Creative, that just sealed the deal, and I knew something had to be special out this company.

 San Francisco- based Farmgirl Flowers, has changed the flower game. On their site, they say their unique business model is “simple-provide beautiful U.S.-grown flowers at reasonable prices while supporting local farmers and businesses while minimizing environmental impact and creative a simple ordering process.” Sounds simple-enough to me. Check out their engaging and educational website to learn more.

They ship to the lower 48 and bouquets, which are all hand-picked and designed, start at only $45.

 They are amazing, and doing everything right to not only change an industry known for challenges in social responsibility, but their story and brand make you feel like you’re are a part of something bigger. Well done Farmgirl team!  

Sarah Hubbard