Listen In: Podcast Recommendations

A few months ago, I made a career change that allowed me to work near my home in Boulder, CO. This move took away what had been a daily commute of anywhere from 40-1.5 hours in the car, twice a day. That drive was worth it to work with the amazing folks at First Descents, and it also allowed me to get addicted to a few podcasts to make the drive a bit more bearable. 

Here are a few that are relevant for small business staffers:

1) The Business of Story- love this one. It is all about crafting the right messaging for your brand but also uses real world examples to show how storytelling effects our daily lives. 

2) Being Boss- The gals at Braid Creative have been on my watch list for a few years now, but their southern drawls and commitment to empowering creative entrepreneurs is inspiring. Topics range from budgeting to personal branding to balancing work with life. 

3) The Unmistakeable Creative- This podcast runs the gamut. The first one I listened to was a dominatrix that had become a corporate speaker on the power shifts in office life, and the second one was about the founder of Foundr, the incredible entrepreneurial online network. 

4) HBR Ideacast- I love the folks at the Harvard Business Review and the podcast is just an extension of their work- topics are usually corporate in nature but also hit trending topics and provide a lot of education par usual for HBS content. 


Sarah Hubbard