I sat down to a cup of coffee this morning after locking myself out of the office of Bespoke Event Group (one of my amazing partners) and decided to kill the time catching up on my latest Fast Company. Ironically, this month is The Purpose Issue and includes quotes from CEOs, entrepreneurs, musicians and tastemakers on what they see as their personal purpose and the driving force behind their businesses. 

Thankfully at Good & Partners, I am reminded of the purpose on an hourly basis. I created the company for the same reason that I slept with the same three stuffed animals every night as a kid: my life has always been driven by my team. I have been grateful to be surrounded by some of the most supportive, creative and inspiring people on the planet and through this new venture, I am able to work with them everyday to help brands that we believe in grow bigger and change more lives. 

Five years ago, I met Shaun Boyte and he was just starting out as a young videographer driven by passion projects. Together, we started to tell the First Descents story in new ways and the impact was tangible. I have worked on many projects with Shaun and his incredible wife, Kelsey over the years including a custom 40+ page publication and a number of video projects. This week, I got a text from them, showing me they were re-connecting with an inspiring young First Descents alum with whom they had formed a great friendship. This picture captures all that Good & Partners is about. I have chosen trusted "Partners" who are constantly driven by people and projects that make them better humans. I love my job. I love my clients. I love the "GOODness" in my partners. Working with them is also more fun than talking to stuffed animals, and they do let me hug them occasionally. 

These two humans are more talented than should be allowed before 30, and just having beers with them reaffirms all of the important paths that we are on. Check out their amazing work at

Sarah Hubbard