Non-Profit Spotlight: Limbitless Solutions

I am not quite sure where to begin with this amazing organization. I have been a huge fan for a few years now after watching the viral video with Robert Downey Jr. gifting a free 3D printed bionic arm to Alex. If you haven't watched this video, take a second to do so, it will make your day. 

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the founder, Albert Manero, and learn more about this incredible organization. They are truly changing the world. Here is their mission statement to give you a sense of how inspiring this team is: 

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization devoted to building a generation of innovators who use their skills and passion to improve the world around them. We use additive manufacturing to advance personalized bionics and solutions for disabilities. We believe that no family should have to pay for their child to receive an arm. Now we want to lead by example and encourage communities to innovate with compassion.

That's really all Good & Partners is about- working with organizations like this that are changing people's lives. Limbitless has created a technology that creates 3D limbs for kids that are either completely donated thanks to their generous community, or cost a tiny fraction of what a prosthetic usually would cost. The real cherry on top is that they also work with amazing artists to create limbs that match each child's interests. 

For more information on how to support Limbitless, please go to:

Sarah Hubbard